$GAME (ERC-20) is a native token of Delabs Games with a total supply of 3,000,000,000. Utility of $GAME will be as follows:

Payment Currency

  • $GAME can be used to purchase in-game items and currencies with a discount rate.

  • $GAME can be used for trading game assets on the platform marketplace.

Expanding Inventory Slots of AIS

  • $GAME can be used to unlock new slots in the Asset Inventory System (AIS).

Gameplay Reward

  • $GAME will be distributed as a reward for gameplay or for contributing to the growth of the games and the ecosystem.

Staking & DAO Governance

  • $GAME allows users to participate in governance through staking. The core role of DAO governance is to determine the factors that control and support the sustainability and growth of the entire ecosystem:

    • Community Reward allocation schemes

    • Distribution rates among the three vaults

    • Staking reward rates

    • AIS inventory expansion price & probability model

    • New project onboarding

  • $GAME incentivizes contribution and rewards contributors depending on their contributions to the platform in various capacities.

Business ModelRevenue and Reward Structure

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