Revenue and Reward Structure

Revenue and Reward Structure

Revenues generated from the game and platform will be distributed to 3 vaults to sustain the Delabs Playable Layer.

Reward Vault

Reward Vault tokens will be used to reward gamers on the platform.

Besides revenue distributed into the Reward Vault, 25% of the total supply of $GAME ("Community Reward" allocation) will be distributed to the community to reward the users playing games on Delabs Games. *The allocation and vesting schedule is subject to change

The monthly distribution amount of $GAME to each game will be determined based on each game’s contribution to the platform measured by the following factors:

  • Base reward: there will be a base reward equally distributed to each game.

  • Revenue

  • Active user count

Weight and factors will be initially set by the team, but DAO governance will determine these variables as the ecosystem progresses. In-game distribution mechanisms will be determined by each game, taking genre and user behavior into consideration.

Team Vault

Team Vault tokens will be used to operate the team for ecosystem expansion.

DAO Vault

DAO Vault tokens will be used to operate the platform for ecosystem expansion and rewarding contributors.

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