Business Model

As a composable Web3 gaming platform, the Delabs Playable Layer seeks a sustainable and mutually beneficial business model that benefits the gamers, the games, and the platform.

Platform Fee

  • Delabs Games will receive a marketplace fee from users purchasing items and currencies of the games on the Delabs Playable Layer.

  • Delabs Games will also launch a P2P marketplace for users to trade both in-game and on-chain items. Trading fees will be charged here as well.

  • The rate of trading fees charged to each game is variable, and each game will be supported by the ecosystem proportionate to its contribution

In-App Purchase

  • Users will be able to purchase with $GAME, stablecoins, or fiat, but purchasing with $GAME will provide a discounted rate.

  • To protect the in-game balance and economy from the volatility of $GAME, items and currencies will be priced based on fiat value, and the amount of $GAME required to purchase will be variable based on the market value of the token.

Asset Inventory System Expansion (AIS)

  • $GAME used for unlocking the slots of the Asset Inventory System will constitute revenue for Delabs Games.

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