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How the Delabs Games Resolves These Challenges through the Playable Layer

The Delabs Playable Layer is an innovative composable gaming platform designed to onboard games with tangible platform values: a liquid player base, cross-game composability, and platform-level retention.

By offering a gamified platform experience, the platform layer becomes inherently playable, thereby enticing platform users to engage across the games within the ecosystem.

The gamified mechanisms aim to transform the extrinsic motivations that brought the users onto the platform into intrinsic motivations to play the games, enhancing user retention on the platform level and fostering synergies between games to enhance user acquisition and engagement.

Driving Intrinsic Motivation Through Quality Games

Delabs Games is strategically launching AAA titles from its in-house game development studios to kickstart the growth of this platform.

The competitive list of games available from the parent company 4:33 Creative Lab and the extensive network of the team ensures the high quality of games to further onboard the platform.

The Delabs Playable Layer intends to start with a small number of quality games to create a solid community, then extend the system out through the continuous onboarding of new high-quality titles.

A combination of high-quality titles and a series of mini-games to be launched on the platform create a great balance between game quality and widespread access.

In the end, it all comes down to having fun games. The Asset Inventory System (AIS) and a transparent contribution reward system will create motivation for users to play the games. The gamified mechanisms on the platform combined with the fun provided by the games on the platform will convert playersโ€™ extrinsic motivations into intrinsic ones.

  • Mini-games for user acquisition

  • High-quality games for strengthening user retention and intrinsic motivation.

  • AIS for increasing cross-game player liquidity and platform-level retention

Platform Gamification through AIS

Through the Asset Inventory System (AIS), the Delabs Playable Layer leads platform users to engage with games through a gamified platform experience.

The gamified platform can allow for the player base not to be tied to a single game title, but to be โ€œliquidโ€ across multiple games, thereby creating a structure to improve platform-level retention of gamers.

Gamer & Stakeholder Alignment

Through the AIS and DAO governance, the Delabs Playable Layer can align the motivations of both stakeholders and gamers on the platform.

Stakeholders -> Gamers

  • Stakeholders will be encouraged to play the games to boost their earnings through the Asset Inventory System.

  • By playing the games to earn โ€œAssetโ€, stakeholders will be exposed to the games on the Delabs Playable Layer.

  • Once stakeholders experience the games on the platform, they are more likely to transition into gamers rather than stay as stakeholders.

Gamers โ†’ Stakeholders

  • Gamers will be encouraged to stake $DELABS tokens, to collect Assets that can boost their gameplay experience.

  • Gamers will be encouraged to participate in DAO governance to make suggestions for the game they love.

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