🐞The Delabs Playable Layer

The Delabs Playable Layer is designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Community-Based Economy

    • The Delabs Playable Layer ensures a fair and transparent structure that rewards community contribution through the usage of blockchain technology.

  • Gamer & Platform Stakeholder Alignment

    • By aligning the interests of gamers and platform stakeholders through gamified features and DAO governance, the Delabs Playable Layer maximizes values accrued to the platform to benefit both sides.

  • Player Liquidity

    • The gamified platform experience of the Delabs Playable Layer creates a concrete motivation structure for player liquidity to circulate among different games.

    • A liquid player base enables high player retention on the platform and value accrual to the platform.

To achieve these goals, the Delabs Games Playable Layer is composed of 3 elements:

  • A Gamified Platform Experience

    • The Delabs Playable Layer offers a platform-native gamified experience through the Asset Inventory System (AIS), where users can collect and combine various assets for game-level and platform-level benefits.

  • Platform Composability

    • The Delabs Playable Layer provides systematic composability across games on the platform.

  • Quality Games Driving Intrinsic Motivation

    • The Delabs Playable Layer intends to start with a small number of quality games to create a solid community, then extend the system out through the continuous onboarding of new high-quality titles.

    • A combination of high-quality titles and a series of mini-games to be launched on the platform create a great balance between game quality and widespread access, stimulating various intrinsic motivations of gamers.

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