🎮Delabs Adventure Pass

Delabs Adventure Pass

The Delabs Adventure Pass is your gateway to an enhanced gaming experience. Holders of the Delabs Adventure Pass can enjoy benefits for all game on the Delabs Playable Layer.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Early access to playtest our games

  • Exclusive in-game items

  • Exclusive in-game NFT airdrops

  • Stake your Adventure Pass to earn points and levels!

Check out the Delabs Adventure Pass on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/delabsadventurepass

Stake your Adventure Pass now: https://stake.delabs.gg


You can also stake your Delabs Adventure Pass in order to earn points and levels.

When you stake your Adventure Pass, you will have two options:

  • No Lockup: You can unstake your Adventure Pass at any time.

  • Lockup: Unstaking is not possible for a designated period of time.

No Lockup = No Level

If you choose No Lockup, your Adventure Pass will earn points, but it will not level up.

Lockup = Level Up

Here is the lockup leveling structure:

30 Days: +1 Level

60 Days: +3 Levels

100 Days: +7 Levels

180 Days: +17 Levels

433 Days: +60 Levels

If you leave your Adventure Pass staked after the lockup period ends, the staking will continue, and your Adventure Pass will continue to gain points but not levels. If you want to level up after your lockup period ends, you must lock up your Adventure Pass again.

For More Details on Staking: https://delabs.substack.com/p/adventure-pass-staking

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